June 14, 2004
Listening to: Stetsasonic

I've recently beefed up my old school hiphop collection with some of the better known names from hiphop's golden age, Stetsasonic, Ultramagnetic MC's, Mantronix and Public Enemy. The main reason to shop at all was to get Stetsasonic's "In Full Gear" including the original "Talkin' All That Jazz" that Dimitri from Paris turned into such an amazing dance classic on A Night at The Playboy Mansion. Indeed, the mix is included on the reissue of In Full Gear that I bought.
What a great album! What a fresh, rocking sound. Considering the present state of boring R&B crossovered synth loops I just have to say that I really miss the time when hiphop had this kind of rough but funky rock'n roll attitude. The music was so much more interesting and energetic.

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