June 23, 2004
Brilliant l33t

It's either a brilliant parody or just brilliant. But it is most certainly l33tish:

bak 2 skewliez :(:(:(
omgz sooo i hvant riten n a looonong wile!1 haf u missD mi? hahah omgz i missD yaLL!!! butt i geus prt of mah gruoundin wuz dat i wuz off da comptrer...ah wel i'v bene doin gode sooos mah Daddi let meh on 4 a wile.

2dai wuz da friste dai off skewlie. :(:(:( da onlee gude prt wuz dat MeLiSsA wuz rite n dere iz a HOTTIE NU BOI!!! loloerzzz
He totalli wunted mi, i culd tele. n hiz naem iz...
omgomgomzzzz hez soooos HOTTIE!!! n he iz totalli n2 mei. i juss kno it.

There's more where it came from.

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