July 20, 2004
Now using the Sage feed reader

I am switching to the Sage feed reading plugin for Mozilla Firefox from my previous feedreader Syndirella. The reason to switch was that Sage does even better what Syndirella also tried to do: Integrate feed reading with web browsing.
Its even better for the following reasons:

  • Combines wonderfully with Mozilla's tabbed browsing (Great feed summary pages and excellent integration with the URL space of the origination website)
  • No annoying involuntary context switching bugs (Syndirella has a terrible habit of switching you browsing context randomly to another place after updating a feed)
  • Sage understands the new Atom feeds (Syndirella is unmaintained and does not read atom feeds)
The only problem with Sage is that the OPML feed import facility doesn't work (it's not just me, Tim Bray couldn't make it work either). To solve that issue, I've created an online "OPML to Mozilla bookmarks" converter, located here. Export the OPML from your previous newsreader (most readers support OPML) and follow the instructions and you'll be good to go. The script worked with the OPML file I needed to import. Your mileage may vary.
The conversion script source is here if you want to improve it.

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The Wizz RSS News Reader for Firefox is actually a MUCH better feed reading option. It is far richer than Sage, offering many features and options. Like the ability to automatically check feeds for new content, the ability to hide items that have already been read, the ability to filter feeds, etc., etc., etc.

Try it, I?m sure you?ll agree.


Posted by: Bender on January 8, 2007 9:44 AM

Thanks for the tip - but I have to say this is quite an old post. I've been using Bloglines for years by now, personally.

Posted by: Claus on January 8, 2007 9:49 AM
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