October 09, 2004
My Imaginary Businesscard

I think I've finally come up with the business card of my dreams at that non-existent company that just get's it

Claus Dahl
Knowledge and Information Motherfucker at large
P.S. I am absolutely not looking for work btw. I sort of have this job already, only in an ad-hoc way (all useful knowledge is ad-hoc in some sense) with a boring title.

What's on the card: My name obviously. The title simply means that job where I'm supposed to just run around the company and get it; know everything. I maintain as broad a presence as I can manage while still keeping on top of my knowledge load and then run around and implement that knowledge wherever possible and/or useful (Obviously knowledge is a value in itself. Usefulness is a byproduct). This is not evangelism. The knowledge I'm supposed to have and share and grow in myself and others is the hard core stuff that's the core business of this knowledge company.

At this dream job, I don't talk much on the phone, and I don't have to answer 200 emails a day so we don't need that data on the card - but obviously this company has employee newsfeeds, and all the boring stuff that clutter businesscards is kept in FOAF documents on the employee website.
The .dk website is because this job is probably physically in downtown Copenhagen. I like it here.

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