October 15, 2004
The immense boredom of everyday life

An exciting story on plants, plant installation, people, beverage remains, coffie (sic), and insurance policy watering unfolded here at the office today. In the lingo of corporate broadcast email PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!!!!:

From: Reception

To: Staff

Subject: watering the plants

Hi everyone
I have received a request from the nice lady who comes here once in a while and check up on our office plants:

Please do not water the plants. Not in any way. Leftovers, even small amounts, from beverages and coffie etc. that someone might water the plants with before refilling a cup or something like that, is enough to damage the plant. The plants do only require small amounts of water or they will drown.

It should therefore be the be the nice lady alone who water the plants (with water) so she can control the watering.
A recently installed plant is actually in a bad condition due to overwatering. The insurance/serviceagreement does not cover if we water them ourselves, and we will have to pay for a new ones if we kill them.

Best regards,

John Doe

(a Just/Classy cross post haste project)

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