October 16, 2004
Possibly the best book on programming ever...

Certainly the most entertaining one - it has cartoon foxes - is Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby. If you don't believe me check the sidebar on this page. It is a rather involved story on copyright, that ends up suggesting that we (the readers) could do a lot worse than copying the book and redistributing it. Why goes on to give an example of what we might do:


Buy a cigarette company. Use my cartoon foxes to fuel an aggressive ad campaign. Here’s a billboard for starters:

Make it obvious that you’re targeting children and the asthmatic. Then, once you’ve got everyone going, have the truth people do an expose on me and my farm of inky foxes.

Sensible Hipster Standing on Curb in Urban Wilderness: He calls himself the lucky stiff.

(Pulls aside curtain to reveal grey corpse on a gurney.)

Hipster: Some stiffs ain’t so lucky.

(Erratic zoom in. Superimposed cartoon foxes for subliminal Willy Wonka mind trip.)

Yo. Why you gotta dis Big Smokies like dat, Holmes?

(Why's main weblogging gig is good fun too (it has the motto "Hex-editing reality to give us infinite grenades!!"). Bookmarked.)

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