October 19, 2004
Not so good PDF of "How to be creative"

Gapingvoid's How to be creative has been turned into a PDF. That's a good idea. What's not so good is that it is a PDF that maximises that formats ability to suck. It's not a book-like version (something we would like to have by the way) but rather a full-screen-by-default thing with page transitions. In other words, it's slick. In my opinion, that's just what gapingvoid's drawings doesn't need and just what the message of How to Be Creative doesn't need. Isn't "Slick ain't so important" almost part of the message?

The Danish translation I'm working on is just about to be ready by the way. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE: In email Mr Gapingvoid himself makes the reasonable comment that the PDF is just abiding by the ChangeThis house style. I guess that's a fair reason for the style even if I still think my comments are valid, and still dislike formats that take control of my desktop instead of leaving the control to me.]

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