November 04, 2004
The money illusion

Clueless browser review:

But the bottom line is that at the moment there isn't a browser that is:

1/ Free
2/ Has tabbed Browsing
3/ Offers the extensibility of Firefox, but without the 'clunky' geeky feel and problems.
4/ Is stable, loads pages correctly and isn't a hackers dream.

What problems? Firefox just works. (incidentally, my site stats give a Firefox market share above 20% at the moment - it's 20% cumulated over 2 years and growing fast)

Since the reviewer is looking to Google to recitfy that problem it seems this is a no-cash version of The Money Illusion which in this case goes like this "It can only be good if it is made by someone with a lot of money" - The Google brand is seen as inherently good. The free Firefox, since it's just made by people, can't be good.

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