November 17, 2004
A hindu perspective on the creationist debate

An alternative perspective on the fight against creationism: In India hindu fundamentalists sponsors "science" to validate the hindu beliefs in the sacred status of cows. Among the claims: Cow dung protects you from nuclear radiation.
I think this is a perfect match for creationist science. The hindu science is every bit as sound as creationism. If you throw out the basic principles of western, rational, scientific discovery - and start letting the storytelling, that all human endavour is based on, run unchecked - you're left with nothing. Critical reexamination of facts as bare as we can make them is the only thing (we know of) that works for the long haul. Reductionism works. For all the philosophical problems with it, it's still basically true that reductionism wins in the end.

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I say 'put it to the test'! All those who believe that cow excrement will protect one from radiation step foreward! Put your flippers where your mouth is!
If you survive, you will have enlightened the world to the truth of your beliefs. If not, you will not be able to breed and pass on your idiot genes to another generation. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

The tragedy is that a bunch of dead glowing Hindus will not stop others from adopting the same 'beliefs'. People 'believe' that which will fill whatever emotional need that happens to be present. 'Evidence' matters not a whit to a 'true believer'. It is rationalization and validation alone which are sought to support irrational beliefs.

The same holds true for Xtians or any other 'cultic set of beliefs'.

I guess that it comes down to this; your 'beliefs' will either 'enhance' your life or detract. If they enhance, no matter what that belief is (as long as you do not interfere in the lives of others with it), than more power to you. If your beliefs do not enhance your life, and yet you cling to them, well, good luck...

I call for all those who claim that cowsh!t will keep radiation off and enter the reactor!
Nuff said.
Th.. Th.. Th.. Thats All Folks!

Posted by: nameless on October 28, 2005 9:05 AM
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