November 28, 2004
Lame lawsuit roundup II

I thought the ones I mentioned recently were good, but this lawsuit beats them all: Restaurant chain Benihana is being sued for their responsibility in the death of one Jerry Colaitis. He died because of an infection that contracted after surgery he had to correct previous surgery that he had to correct a dislocation of two of the vertebrae in his neck. He allegedly dislocated his neck, because a chef at a Benihana restaurant threw a piece of shrimp at him, so now the family is, obviously, suing the restaurant.
It's almost like a childrens rhyme:

This is the ambulance chaser,
who chased the ambulance,
that carried the man,
that carried the infection,
that was contracted during surgery,
that was to correct surgery,
that was to correct a dislocation of the neck,
that swerved to avoid the shrimp,
that was thrown by the chef,
that works at the restaurant,
that is owned by Benihana Inc.

(via boingboing)

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