March 01, 2005
Mindblowing map hacking

Jon Udell once again is out front in promoting light weight integration and unintended consequences as he demonstrates how to annotate Google maps with personal bookmarks. This is mindblowing in case you didn't notice. When Google gets done with Google maps (i.e. includes the rest of the world), and when these hacking toolkits gets properly polished, this means we we will have an always on worldwide resource for geolocating web resources in high quality zoomable, scrollable maps.
It's not Udell's own hack - but his promotion of this hack is of course invaluable. He makes two good comments:
On GPS in everything: "I never quite understood what we were supposed to do with these. But now it's clear int he future millions of us will be running around annotating the world around us."
On the fact that the hack works at all: " Was this all just an unintended consequence, or does Google really get that the future is services co-created by the people who use them? The latter, I hope, but we'll soon see."

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