March 09, 2005
Killing Joke II

The destruction of perfectly good jokes is an entire Wikipedia genre! Witness the Wikipedia entry on nonexistent words used in 'The Simpson's'. We learn that Kwyjibo is a fictional word used by Bart in a game of scrabble, and then with perfect joke killing bored delivery:

Humorously enough, earlier in that same episode, Homer moans words to the effect of "How could anyone form a good word out of these letters?" His Scrabble letters spell OXIDIZE, and were arranged in that order. The word would be worth a minimum of 74 points, including 50 points for using all his letters.

This breaks the very important joke telling rule on not stretching 1 second visual jokes across entire sentences.

(That the article exists on the other hand is one more point i Wikipedias favour over traditional dictionaries)

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