March 10, 2005
Your Librarian is Watching You

Maybe it takes one of those nice archetypical, non threatening, slightly greyed, female librarians to convince us that RFID tags are a good idea and not an invasion of privacy waiting to happen. The public library in Silkeborg is gearing up to a complete tagging of inventory - which gives automated, workless check out and of course makes misplaced library books an impossibilty.
(via Guerilla Innovation)

There's a good deal more going on at this library than I find obvious.

I don't know if they have a good technology sponsor, but if not they must have loads of cash. They also have a super cool book handling robot and are developing an amazon like "People who checked out this book also checked out" collaborative filtering solution for public libraries. It seems from an overview of future services (in danish) that they're also planning some kind of latent semantic indexing to help users find "related" books based on word similarities in books classified by the danish equivalent of the Dewey decimal system.
Also they've created an autogenerated ontology of the music collection (accessible here (in danish))
They've driven a, now canceled, attempt at a library driven web search engine, with the intension of metadata enhancement of resources to library standards. This seems misguided considering the Google experience, but still - a valiant effort.
They are busy aggregating library catalogues with not only borrower behaviour as mentioned, but also other library related databases that will be tied into the library search interface.

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