April 01, 2005
The "Google is over" meme

The latest Google-bashing meme revolves around the idea that Google is loosing. It's over. Yahoo is here. A9 is here. (Funnily, nobody seems to mention "MSN is here" in that sentence)
I doubt very much that it's true except in the sense "Search will not be the monoculture that the world of operating systems has become". There are two things in this I'm curious about. First: We all agree this is a Good Thing, right? No monopolistic lock in. Lot's of wellbehaved competitors, because the audience is fickle. Intense R&D to survive. Second: If this is good - why are people giving the message "The world of search regains balance" the spin "Google is over"? Is it just the standard modern day negative "critical thinking" or are people so used to succesful monoculture that they actually prefer these monocultures to live, thrwing, competitive environments?

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