April 24, 2005
Plague hits USA - (or "This is just an exercise!")

Don't miss this mock newscast of catastrophe coverage as the plague hits the eastern United States. The newscast is done just like real local news with plenty of on the scene reporters and studio talking heads conjecturing on disease spread and a possible terrorist angle.

This reminds me of something that happened when I was in Canada as a math student. I had a room in the house of this familiy who rented out their top floor to exchange students. The other guy currently staying there was a Iranian guy studying chemistry if I remember correctly.
One evening, quite late - after 10PM - he came to my door and said to me quite excitedly. "Claus, you gotta come down. You've gotta see this on the TV. There's this huge thing that's fallen out of the sky in Europe. They can't figure out if it was a plane crash or something, but it's all over the news!". I went downstairs, and sure enough there was a newsshow and they had helicopters flying over a crash scene. We sat and followed it for a while. The news on what exactly had fallen down wasn't easy to come by. There was some mystery - maybe this was a satellite or some military dark ops plane in a place where it shouldn't have been.
As I sat there I began to think that some of the faces of the news anchors were oddly familiar. Even some of the crash victims seemed to be someone I had seen before. And then slowly it dawned on me.
They were actors.
What we were watching was an updated television version of "War of the worlds". My Iranian flatmate hadn't noticed that the newscast was running on the local movie channel, and I having not seen the beginning of the show had also been duped.

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