May 01, 2005
Get back in the box!

Here's a story on the chilling effects of DRM. Microsoft wants you, the consumer (and that's what you are, not a user), back in the box. What you have is more interesting television, not a general purpose computer. Granted, it's a partisan view but free culture has never been more important.

It's difficult to distinguish the conspiracy theories from the legitimate problems here, but just as government budgets rapidly decaying into bankruptcy may be construed by some as a deliberate attempt to undermine social security and 'big government' so one understands that viruses, spam and science fiction nightmares like botnets, armies of zombie PC's taken over by organized crime, may be construed as the excuse needed to introduce widespread crippling of the rights you have to your own computing equipment,
It may simply not be in Microsoft's interest to combat viruses effectively as long as the virus threat can be used to bootstrap total DRM onto the Windows platform.

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