May 30, 2005
Just read: The Kid Stays In The Picture

On top of a busy work schedule I just managed to find the time to read Robert Evans' autobiography "The kid stays in the picture" this weekend. The reason: It was extremely fast paced and quite entertaining, so I swallowed the book in one sitting saturday morning.
I think it would be wrong to call it well written. Evans' attempt at selfdeprecating, fast talking, street smart language is eventually too formulaic. Lots of ass, lots of cojones and a particularly annoying form of self Q&A that goes something like this made up sample:

Settled? Sure. Worth it? Probably not. Memorable? You bet.

But Evans' antics as producer, mobster friend and ladies man are entertaining enough to make up for these shortcomings. And the entire stance of the book - it was written while Evans was down and out after countless fallings out with countless Hollywood people - of "I do my thing - damn the consequences" is also extremely entertaining. The book's closing line is a classic
Resolve: Fuck'em. Fuck'em all.

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