June 21, 2005
All kinds of GMail automation just broke

The bright new world of weakly typed, hackable web services also hold new perils. Google just switched GMail from using the domain gmail.google.com to mail.google.com - and at least the GMail power tweaks I'm using just blew up.
[UPDATE: What really seems to break everything is in fact the path part of the url: It switched from being rooted at /gmail to being rooted at /mail]
I'm betting tons of people's little compiled micro-applications just blew up too. That'll teach you to use static resources to bind to anything as dynamic as a web site.

I wonder how long it will take before companies start achieving notoriety when they break 3rd party hacks for websites. Clearly they could claim that their service wasn't intended for hacking, but according to Microsoft old timers (and from reports also according to the leaked source of some time ago) Microsoft, of compatibility breaking notoriety, could actually claim the same thing. The main problem on Windows was always use of undocumented calls. Again: This is according to reports.
When will Google start feeling Microsoft's pain?

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