July 06, 2005
Big Mother

Martha Stewart is set to do her own version of Donald Trump reality show "The Apprentice" but says she finds the signature "You're fired!" line 'harsh'.

"We are trying to come up with other ways to say it," she says. "For instance, if someone is from Idaho, I could say, `You're back in Boise for apple-picking time.'"

That's not only lame - that's a modern nonconfrontational management nightmare. It's the same kind of thinking that invented 'downsizing', 'unplanned sabatical', 'capability reduction' or whatever obfuscation by indirection is used instead of just saying straight out that you're firing people.

But it is also the wave of the future. This is the Big Mother one could worry we're currently heading for. Non-authoritarian totalitarianism.

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