July 11, 2005
All the sound that's Web 2.0

Odeo launches and so far they're simply so doing all the hip things that it's almost funny. Let's list'em.

  1. They blog

  2. They launch in beta

  3. They use Rails

  4. They tag

  5. They podcast (ok, that's kind of obvious in this case)

  6. They use pink

  7. They stay in your browser

  8. They suckr at spelling

  9. ...and they don't stay more in the browser than is practical

[UPDATE: On a more serious note, it seems like Odeo has a good chance of being the service that drives a social interaction off a category of objects we care about. (I think the "social space around sociable objects" meme discussed at reboot is a meme of the times and possible of the future)]

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