August 05, 2005
Bogus copyright loss figures

I've written before about the bogosity of the currently accepted practise of computing loss to piracy as "total store price of total number of downloaded songs/films". Kottke sums up the bogosity in a brilliant footnote:

[1] Well, [Sony's loss is] $10.50 if you live in Manhattan. If you live in rural Wisconsin, you're only cheating Sony out of $8.00 or so. Well, until the movie comes out on pay-per-view and it costs $3.95. But then when the DVD comes out, Sony's loss will shoot back to $26.99. Twelve months after the DVD release, when Bewitched is available in a value two-pack with Anchorman, Sony will only be losing $6. Whew, must be hard to keep all those losses straight.

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