September 01, 2005

Just as I was prototyping my own web framework (frameworks are like CMS's everybody wants their own) making webprogramming simpler for personal projects, I hear I have to investigate Catalyst as an attempt at this. Let's hope it installs better than Maypole did* (never got that to run on Windows) and that it can gain some momentum.
Sofar I'm liking it - template engine is the Template Toolkit, model uses Class::DBI - just what I was considering up front.
I was going to call mine pails, as a joke and to indicate a tool to pump water off the sinking ship that is perl. Between Python, Ruby and PHP there's a lot of competition in the scripted world.

* [UPDATE: It did. Straight off CPAN, requiring no crazy modules. No default usable cgi script for use under mod_perl2 though]

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