September 03, 2005
..and the name of the first post Katrina novel has been found

It is going to be

Black people loot, white people find.

The post analysis on CaptionGate is probably not going to allow the early conclusions, but the simple, singing rhythm of the statement and the sad disaster lurking right behind the words will get picked up by more writers than just reporters.

Meanwhile it is particularly disconcerting in all the blog coverage to hear the venting of rage at...just about everybody. If you walk around blogland there's some kind of competition going on for best display of righteous anger. Some are angry at the news coverage. Some are angry at PayPal (for no good reason). A is angry at B for caring more about a tsunami in Asia than a hurricane at home. B is angry at A for distorting the scale of human sacrifice. C thinks the hurricane is God's punishment. D thinks the hurricane is another god's punishment. E blames it on softie democrats. F blames it on heartless republicans. Most of this rage is utterly pointless.
Oddly, I have no recollection of anything like this happening during the tsunami. Why does one natural disaster provoke a unified, no compromise display of sympathy and good spirit and another an equal sized display of unfounded distrust?

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