September 07, 2005
Suckr spelling goes mainstream

The "we suckr at speling" meme instigated by the launch of Flickr has gone seriously mainstream with the Motorola ROKR. This is Apple and Motorola - mainstream retailers - adopting a very geeky meme. Some might argue that Yahoo's purchase of Flickr was the true watershed moment, but I think actual physical producst for non-geeks is adoption at another level. It seems that the geek will inherit the earth.

(oh, and the iPod Nano looks and sounds like a spoof. I had to double check that this was really a URL to an apple website and that it's not April 1st)

[Update: Techdirt seems to have the good take on the truly ugly iPhone though: iTunes Phone As iLame As iExpected:

Motorola may have licensed the iTunes brand, but Apple's cool didn't come with it.


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