September 18, 2005
Microsoft's AJAX framework begs, borrows and steals from open source frameworks

It's nice to see Microsoft embracing the enormous speedup in productivity inherent in code sharing and open source. That's what one thinks as Microsoft's Atlas framework for AJAX web development, while still unfinished, is already borrowing idiom and maybe even code from the already established open source solutions out there. Can't wait for the patent applications to start flowing from this "investment in innovation".
The license for the demo applications for Atlas carries a good clause that should be added to all open source licenses pronto:

(C) If you begin patent litigation against Microsoft over patents that you think may apply to the software (including a cross-claim or counterclaim in a lawsuit), your license to the software ends automatically.

Again, nice to see Microsoft apply the same kind of nuclear war license tactics that, when found in open source, are considered "communist".

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