October 03, 2005
Rapid release cycles...

So, rapid response to questions is the new black. A few months ago it took DHH about a day and a half to respond to my backpack observations. Scoble is reporting mych faster response times (but of course he's Scoble). Abe Fettig took 5 hours to respond about Jotlive. I just got the fastest ever response to a question I've ever had though. It took all of 5 minutes for Sam Schillace to respond to my question about the current suckyness of Writely when used with tabbed browsing (answer: They're fixing it). I'm not discounting the possibility that the answer was a robo-answer, since I can only imagine they kinda got this question before, but still, that really is fast.

(Unfortunately I no longer have the email signed /Sergey in response to an early question I asked about Google back when it was in beta...)

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