October 06, 2005
20 mio $ for a couple of weblogs...

The news that weblogs are media properties to be bought for huge sums of money by incumbent media conglomerates is

[Update: I like this discussion. Is Web 2.0 really easy to summarize in two words: cash out]

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Thanks for the link in your update. I sure hope web2.0 is about more than cashing out. I wonder if the Blogshares idea could be another biz model? I'd say we've got to come up with something else, but the weblogs inc. folks say they're going to make 2 mill plus this year on their own through adsense. if that's not enough money for you then maybe you're just dead set on cashing out. Some reports I've read indicate that the WIN team will continue with extensive responsibilities, so maybe i just don't get it.

Posted by: Marshall Kirkpatrick on October 6, 2005 10:25 PM

The evolution of web 2.0 into a model where selling out is a viable strategy, is just the natural order of things. Every major phase in the Internet is started by altruistic, independent thinkers who blow open a new territory, which grabs the attention of large corporations. As the business bohemiths work on exploiting the new territory for profits, new independents discover fresh territory and the cycle starts over again. Web 1.0 started with great websites making money and then it turned into the free for all that lead to the dot com crash.
I think what you are witnessing is that web 2.0 isn't new anymore and the second bubble has already begun. Soon it will settle into it's long term position in the information chain and web 3.0 will emerge bursting at the seams with new idealism. Likely we will see another crash, although I don't think it will be as severe as the one before.

Posted by: Justin Kistner on October 9, 2005 12:47 AM
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