October 10, 2005
You will accomplish great things - TODAY!

But first, you need to get organized, you need to..., need to... Get. Your. Notetaking. Skills. In. Place.
Need. To. Read. This. Book.
This is hardcore procrastination for the really serious procrastinator. A 131 page manual on notetaking. The chapter on buying the right pen and paper is 14 pages alone. It all goes like this:


You need a pen. Actually, you need three. And they need to have little four color clippies- Red, Green, Blue, and Black.

Theoretically, you can do this all with a black pen, but TRUST ME, you don't want it. Your ability to very rapidly switch colors will way more than make up for the nicer line that the G2 gel pens give you. Really.

You need one to carry with you, you need one for backup, placed in a trusted place, and you need one to be a backup to the backup. YES, you really need this. If you are wasting time looking for a pen that you lost, you are just wasting time. The pen will come back. In the mean time, you need to write, so you've got to fetch your backup. You have a backup to the backup. If you have ready access to a store, you need to buy another pen, should you not find your first pen by then.

These 4-color pens are expensive. Remember: Buy 3. Your pen is your life - don't lose it. But when you do, don't hesitate to start in with the backup.

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