November 11, 2005
Striking at the center

Brilliant post that attacks whomever hacks nasty and/or foul DRM for the copyright cartel. Obviously these people employ hackers. Not very good hackers, but still - hackers. Hackers value hacker ethos, so if you want to strike back at the copyright cartel here's something you can do: Call their hackers on their bad hacker ethos:

It's really not too late. You can stop RIGHT NOW, you can get up and walk out the door and turn your back on the forces of REACTION and of GREED and of SMALL-MINDED CONSERVATIVE ASSHOLISM that say that the most important thing in the world is keeping some tweaked housewife in South Dakota from sharing a goddamn CELINE DION TRACK with her mom or friend or neighbor. You can stop. You can do it. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS.

(via boingboing)

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