April 20, 2006
Skinny vs Interesting

The last double session at Customermade was with the founders of skinnyCorp, makers of community driven websites like Threadless and Teo Härén of Interesting.org - an "idea community" and consultancy based on that. I personally liked the skinnyCorp pitch much, much more than the interesting.org pitch. First off, judging from the talks my feeling was that the Skinnycorp guys were much more caring towards their community. An open welcoming attitude - no judging - let the community take care of the reputation system on its own.
Also just the pitch of "users designing for users" is to me much more in tune with the idea of customermade than "a network of creatives selling to others". On Interesting.org the co-creators simply aren't customers. Interesting.org is more of a bubble-era, free-agent-y "lets make an idea market" thing.

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