June 04, 2006
Reboot: Marx....

Adam Arvidsson talk was less good than this mind map of the talk
Yes, the network is a product of technology and the network is what's producing value now and network
economics don't look like old scale economics. +1 for that.
-1 for tagging Marx onto that in a much too obvious personal point of view dressed up as social science.
-1 for completely overblown claims that this is somehow "the end" of some old economics.

The network sits just fine inside market economics.
Indeed one of my favourite points I like to make in my work (writing software) is that the specific details
just don't matter as much as people tend to think. For any kind of knowledge
you put to use there's a ton of alternate slightly different ideas that you could have applied instead
with approximately the same result. Or more precisely, not the same result but another equally beneficial result.
Only very, very few solutions to any kind of problem are really truly "just right". Best possible.
What that realization does is reintroduce the economies of scale for complex cultural product that the Marx observation would have
you believe were alient to the economies of scale.
And in fact we are seeing these reintroduced economies of scale in the rise of the Indian outsourcing giants and also in less obvious places
e.g. the market battle among upstarts for supremacy in podcasting or VOIP or blogging or... the list goes on.

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