August 17, 2006
Spime creation toolkit...

Its good to be able to say "I'm just experimenting with the design of networked objects" when you need to rationalize the purchase of toys. I just got the first tiny success building data driven Mindstorms robots. If you have anything, anything at all, you want or need to do, I suggest you don't waste your time watching the video above.

(note: The original screen play for this movie, called for a co-star, appearing from across the globe via Skype, to actually control the robot, which of course would have added to the excitement. That'll just have to be next time. Possibly with a sound sensitive robot aware of the controller even as it is being controlled. Possibly with a 'I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that" sound embedded as error message.)

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Well, I had a look, Mr. Warnock.

Flocking blimps, man. Pigeons that blog. Wahoo.

Posted by: Bruce Sterling on September 5, 2006 5:37 PM

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I am tremendously curious about the ecological spin on this future in Shaping Things as opposed to the gadgetry spin (the usual "Cool, the physical stuff around us is beginning to talk back").
I am not so curious about the "blogjects" word myself as mentioned elsewhere. I think its simply a problem with the word blog which doesn't for me conjure up new and exiting vistas of interactivity.

My immediate thoughts on these matters are here:

(We missed you at Reboot by the way, hope you drop by Copenhagen some time)

Shameless self promotion: We're trying to make a nice human spimeinteraction utility out of the cell phone at my company:

Posted by: Claus on September 5, 2006 5:46 PM
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