April 03, 2007
Blogging is not a shared activity

I have to say: It makes me fucking angry that whatever it is I do here and millions of other people do where ever it is they do it is, in some people's opinion, in any way shape or form related to the badmouthing skirmish going on somewhere else on the web. What happens here has absolutely no relation to any other piece of writing elsewhere. No moral or ethical evaluation of anything somebody else wrote somewhere else has any bearing on what I write here. The choice of medium is completely irrelevant. The idea that there is some common social ideal that I am bound to because of the technology I use to make my opinions known is ridiculous and harmful. And in that technology I include the aggregators and other infrastucture services I rely on.
As to the kinds of social contract I follow here - I hope it is clear to my users. I resent the idea that the ethical (mis)conduct of others somehow bind me to a renewed social contract.

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