June 07, 2007
The artless camera

Danish director Lars Von Trier spent a couple of films working on a visual style where he was concerned with not framing his shots - he wanted a camera that just pointed at life instead of arranging it, as far as I recall his reasoning about it in interviews. Among the experiments was the 100 camera technique in Dancer in The Dark, where there literally were no camera operators but just tons of cameras, almost working as surveillance cameras monitoring the actors as they played the scene. Von Trier ought to like Google Street View. We know for a fact that this camera spent absolutely no time caring about what went in the frame, and still the camera was able to capture lots of life beautifully - here's one Morten just pointed me to: man with stray dog.

The mashup thought of the day has to be : Google Street View + Microsoft Photosynth + Virtual Worlds with avatars (dare I say it, Second Life).

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