August 14, 2007
Endnu en fejlbiografi

Der er efterhånden mange historier om folk, der ikke kan få deres selvbiografi på Wikipedia rettet for fjollede fejl. Senest Danah Boyd. Vigtigst i det hun skriver: En kritik af den legestue-agtige holdning til kilder:

I'm extremely worried about the ways in which Wikipedians fetishize mass media as ideal sources. Hell, I'm worried about the ways in which my own industry sees mass media as proof that the sky is falling. Media is often very useful for citations, but to assume that it is always right seems to be extremely dangerous, especially for a community that's fighting an image issue concerning the ease with which things can be edited and published. I also think it's dangerous for Wikipedia to perpetuate inaccuracies in mass media just cuz mass media said so.

To those Wikipedians out there who happen to read my blog - is there any conversation amongst Wikipedians about how to deal with mass media coverage? Is there any conversation about how mass media coverage is often biased or inaccurate? Why is mass media coverage so valued? (And why on earth am I notable because I'm profiled in mass media instead of because of why mass media was covering me?)

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