September 20, 2007
SCO v. IBM - the poker game

It's clear now that the SCO lawsuits was really a poker game: SCO v. The Rest of The World No Limits Texas Hold'Em.
SCO picked up a weak hand, but since SCO was short stacked already, attack was seen as the only option and they made a heavy bet. However, the flop produced nothing for SCO and none of the other players were much impressed with SCO's bet, so they stayed in the game. SCO then moved all in, hoping to scare off some of the other short stacked players, like Novell, and then luck it out in court with IBM. No such luck - SCO simply didn't show enough power (constantly checking your cards, and asking the dealer pointless questions about the pot is not how you show strength, but how you fake weakness, to keep the other players in). Everybody stayed, and frankly, given the size of the pot involved, the showdown was not so much a showdown as it was a letdown. SCO just had nothing.

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