December 17, 2007
The dimness of crowds?

Wikipediaopslaget for Kenny Rogers-hittet The Gambler er fantastisk. Efter en synopsis af sangens historie, der i sig selv er et grin værd, kommer - i et afsnit med titlen "Analyse" - dette grinagtige guldkorn:

The song is often characterized as a metaphor for life in that you need to know when to stand your ground (when to hold 'em) and when to retreat (when to fold 'em). The gambler has learned that the trick to life isn't the cards you've been dealt, but how to play them (every hand being a "winner" or a "loser" depending on how they are played). The "ace" that Rogers refers to in the end is this advice.

Det er fanme dybt.

Bonuslink: En yngre Kenny synger Ruby med First Edition. Superfede briller.

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