January 18, 2008
Google's Danish mix of the live web and the static web is a disaster

Remember back when you could read about something in the news and think "Let me just Google that" and then find some highly relevant context and background on Google? These days are over - at least here in Denmark - since Google started indexing in real time. Since Google doesn't do proper News vs. Blogs vs. Pages heuristics in Denmark, the high profile web-pages - i.e. mainstream media - dominate the search results for anything that is currently in the news. Which means that you can't use Google to get context for the news.
Doc Searls is fond of making the point that Google makes a difference in conference talks - I always read his comments as a comment that this is somehow broken - but from the danish edge of the internet where the distinction is gone we can tell that it is a really good idea to maintain the distinction.

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