January 24, 2008
Læs: Momus

Momus, hvis Wiredspalte jeg tidligere har linket til, og hvis hyldest til Howard Devoto er det bedste nummere på Bungalow Records kompilationen "Suite 98", har en blog på Livejournal som er virkelig god. Se f.eks. hans post her om pladesamlingers æstetik. Momus kan skrive fantastisk om byer, etnografika og pop f.eks. sådan her

The difference between the two I Love Music threads is striking -- there's still some glamour in the German DJs' magisterial collections, whereas the homebrew Anglo collections are unremittingly ugly; I couldn't helping thinking of them as repositories for something dead. The difference is something to do with the way Berlin acts as an ice box for the cool subcultures of the past, and the peculiar job these DJs have; while the rest of the recorded music industry may be collapsing around them, their job is to enact the playing of records in public places. They are, in other words, part of (and earning their evident cash from) a form -- a weird hieratic, shamanic profession -- which has survived the cull of the rest of the music industry, a performative artform of social encounter.

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