July 10, 2008
I'm so glad Hans Reiser was really guilty

Hans Reiser did it, he killed his wife. Personally I'm so happy the explanation for Reisers "quirky" behaviour turns out to be the obvious one: He killed her. Frankly, as a fellow nerd, I'm glad the "but he's just a geek. All geeks act like homocidal maniacs"-defence turned out to be bogus. I find it offensive that this kind of ludicrous stereotype of nerdish maladaption could make sense at all and even get feature coverage in Wired. People are people before they are nerds or homocidal nerds. Boxing in legitimate behaviour by creating this kind of alienated stereotype ("nerds are so lost, people skill-wise, they could just as well be murderers" is the subtext) is just...bad.

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