March 04, 2009
Chaos update

The latest incarnation of the chaos music project is the chaos blues, where I hooked in a synthesizer to generate the sound. But, as Brian Eno says, this immediately presents a new problem; tweakability. Tweaking isn't feeling. It isn't music. It's the old problem of abundance that we know from the jam-shopping experiments, only applied to creativity, the abundance increases the cost of choice, which limits your productivity.

Which is why I wrote down my parts list for my lab, by the way. Sticking to fixed inventory forces me to think about something else than choosing my inventory.

With sound I now have something like 10 dimensions of timbre on the synth, and then I have musical scale, chaos parameter, tempo and all of these can vary in time. It's all too much.
What makes the violin hard to learn, I suspect, is that you can't escape to low dimensionality. There's nothing you can "just do", you always have to deal with the timbral possibilities of the violin on the guitar or keyboard you can escape to low dimensional competence much more easily.
My dream for computer music allows me to dial the dimensionality up as skills grow. Dimension zero is the mp3 player. It just plays. Dimension 1 is the mixtape. And from there you should be able to grow the music into something alive, pulsing and flesh-like.

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