March 19, 2009
Technology is never done.

The Chrome Experiments seem like an odd departure for Google. All Google properties seem to focus on fundamentals, not experience, but here you have a group of experiments that are pretty much exclusively about experience. Also, what happened to white?

Of course the experiences highlight that fundamentals make a difference: Casey Reas' blog post seems very on the mark to me.

Chrome and its fast JavaScript capability offers a glimpse of a Web without proprietary plug-ins.
Technically, I think the greatest innovation of Chrome is launching each Window or Tab as a separate process. If you try to run Twitch on Firefox it starts to slow down as more windows open. Each mini-game competes for the same resources from the computer's processor. In Chrome, because each window runs separately, the frame rate remains high.

Don't miss out on Sascha Pohflepp & Karsten Schmidt's socialcollider (which, sadly, sucks performance wise in Firefox)

All of this goes to show that technology is never done. There's always more to do, something different to do. Search is not done either. Where the money goes is not done.

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