July 16, 2009
Live from Apollo - 4045 years ago

UPDATE: Calendar links to help you follow the mission inserted below.

You can follow the Apollo 11 mission, as it happens, here, broadcast live from 4045 years ago.

I found the complete Apollo 11 mission radio transcript on one of NASA's archive sites, and decided to reenact the communication, online, in real time*. So tune in, and look out for the most exciting times (or as iCal) during the mission.

  • There's the launch - today at 13:32 UTC (15:32 CET/09:32 EDT).

  • First attempted TV-transmission one and a half hours later

  • There's the landing at 20:17 UTC on mondaysunday (22:17 CET/16:17 EDT) - so tune in early

  • There's one small step for a man at 02:56 UTC (04:56 CET) tuesdaymonday - timed for US television audiences at 22:56 EDT

  • There's a brief conversation with Nixon

  • There's a lot of feel good reading of the news and happy relaxing on the trip back to earth

  • And, finally, the descent and splash down ending at 16:50 UTC on fridaythursday (18:50 CET/12:50 EDT)

Tune in for these - and tons of other high lights - and relive one of the greatest feats ever accomplished. If you're really into this, here's the full timeline. This transmission lasts from GET 00:00:00 to Splashdown at GET 195:18:35.

Notes on the site: I was so happy to find the transcript, we had excerpts of it in book form at home, and I must have read the juicy bits 10-20 times. I mentioned it to Morten and he helped out with look and feel, to get that live feel to the website. Hope you like it.

* There's a ton of resources to commemorate the launch. NASA is doing a lot, TV is doing a lot, there's a mission twitter account - but I wanted to make something with a really live feel, second by second updates as they happen. Reenactment.

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Reminds me of this poster: http://www.baekdal.com/Design/Graphics/apollo-11-transcript-poster/

Posted by: friism on July 16, 2009 1:23 PM
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