July 24, 2009
About those Apple numbers

So Apple supposedly has 91% of the market for high end PCs and laptops. The numbers in that article are carefully constructed to create buzz. Let's assume Apple's market share is 8% in units, disregarding price; it's something like that, anyway. According to the link above, Apple's machines retail at double the price of Windows PCs, on average, so Apple's dollar market share would be approx 14.8% if the unit market share is 8%. Given the 91% that means the dollar volume of all the high priced PCs is about 16.2%. Of the windows dollar volume of 75.2% only 1.4% go into over-1000 PCs. Fifty times more cheap PCs than expensive PCs - in dollar terms, so maybe 100 times more in unit terms. So Apple is winning in a market Windows is not competing in, basically.
Sure, the dividends are probably nicer up there, but still - one wonders what the numbers would be if they actually included useful Windows price points.
- the numbers would actually be more impressive if the percentage was lower. Then it wouldn't be such a thin slice of Windows revenue the entire Apple revenue was compared to.

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