September 07, 2009
My favourite Android super powers

By which I mean, which awesome features do I have on my phone - and by metonymic extension - in my fingers, because of the software running on my Android phone.
Listed here in order of discovery -

  • Transparency The communication platform has ceased to be relevant. The Android does them all; IM, email, texting, Skype. I never have to reveal my state and location to counterparties and they never have to worry if I'm near communicaton mode. X

  • Geography Obvious, but secondary to transparency. Getting lost is locking yourself out of your apartment without keys. It can happen, but it takes bad luck.

  • Star power I don't use the Skymap app that much - but it's a superpower of such obvious flair that it goes high on the list.

  • Radiance My G1 works fine as a makeshift Wi-Fi access point using aNetShare. Where I am, the world is.

  • Memory Lest I forget. Recording context to camera is very powerful.

  • Sound All the music of the world is with me all the time with the Spotify app. I can play music with the piano app.

  • Knowledge Sure browsing, ordering tickets and so on is nice to have all the time. However, the mobile situation does not lend itself necessarily to actually using this super power

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