May 06, 2010

Via some tweet, I heard about YourFonts, which turns your personal handwriting into a TrueType font for a fee. I have one of the world's ugliest style for handwriting, i.e. the optimal handwriting to really personalize a weblog. I've applied it now to the slogan at the top of the page ("long words....") but I thought I'd show it off here too:

Handwriting is a very personal thing

As hard as this is to read, it is unquestionably mine. And that in and of itself has value on a blog like this, where the personal perspective is always important.

Nifty, eh?

P.S. They ask you to upload your signature in a field on the form. I can't think of a reason why, and the potential for abuse is obvious. I didn't and still got a font down.

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