October 12, 2010
I just saw the future of news

It is: Cheapo online journalism, sponsored + crappy available for free or at bargain rates + a few public and branded spam filters + essentially books, but published on a subscription basis.

Here's why: Sponsored news beats even bottom feeders. You can't beat the price of cross subsidized financial news from banks, real estate news from the mortgage broker, sports news from your friendly pharmaceutical company with that new performance drug. But of course nobody wants that, so you're going to be filtering the news, way better than you do now. To deal with the echo chamber, and to offer commentary on the crappy base. Watching raw news is going to be like not washing the dirt of vegetables before you eat them.
None of the authors of this material are going to have recognizable names. They will not be paid recognized name-salaries. If they are paid well, they are essentially lobbyists. Other than that, they will be us and algorithms.

And then the market for recognized names will be in longer forms of writing, that we actually buy for the name. This is a much smaller market, but better equipped to pay. Even this market might be more of a loss leading activity, a branding exercise for the authors. They'll make their money from public appearances or consulting fees related to their personal brand.

Inspired by this.

Previously, along these lines, but in Danish.

See also: Kindle 'Singles' for a new category of long form writing by name brand writers.

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