January 17, 2011
Got a job - come work with me

So, this wasn't really supposed to happen, but I've got a job again.

I was approached with the coolest idea I've seen in a long time, certainly the coolest idea I've seen out of Copenhagen in years, and that's why I'm now the architect/tech/team lead (sorta, startups don't do titles) at Carecord.
So what's cool about the project?

  • It's "ubicomp for hospitals". To expand on that, it's digital hardware for monitoring the health of patients, in a nice embedded and convenient package.

  • There's an internet backstory to the whole system.

  • There's a huge "platform potential".

  • The project is excellently networked at the organizational level.

  • Founders are really nice people.

Nice founders, making a difference for sick people, hardware + software + internet in a well thought out mix and it completely rhymes with my past experience from Imity and elsewhere, what's not to like?

But here's the thing - we're building out the tech team now and if you have chops, we want to work with you.

Technically we're looking for people with pretty broad skillsets, at first primarily a backend style developer with web roots. We're technology agnostic but our own skills are with .NET and Ruby on Rails. We're looking to do this on a Linux/Unix platform.
There's a lot of low level detail in this platform, so if you have some experience with designing scalable robustness at a network and protocol level, that's very interesting to us.

We're planning for a small team with a lot of influence for devs, so if you're a versatile type, that's a definite plus.

What we have to offer is an incredibly exciting project, a flat company structure with a lot of influence in the design and nice coworkers. If that sounds interesting to you, contact me.

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