November 05, 2002
Stats of the month

Traffic is picking up on classy dk - 25% more visitors loading 60% more content. Whis means that the average visitor is loading more - a nice statistic in itself. And this was even a month where I was away from my own machine for 1/3 of the month, i.e. the usual self observation was suspended for much of the month. All in all - I'm quite pleased with everything but my PageRank - but as is well known, for a low traffic site like mine, this mostly depends on being part of a Link Farm of a webring of weblogs. Since logs do a lot of self reference they tend to like like hypertext condensation points, i.e. important pages.
Most pleasing search finding my pages : 'neil young helpless meaning' - I don't know what the searcher was looking for, but I know what the song means to me!

Interestingly, Google was recently sued over the PageRank algorithm - there was some prima facie merit to the lawsuit in that rank of 0 was assigned to a page, which smacks of manual intervention, but clearly not everyone can be on Google's top ten for a particular word, so there is a fundamental problem here. It goes to the very heart of knowledge and democracy. Not everyone can be best, so if it makes sense for everyone to go with the best, most of us are in trouble. (No I'm not the best either and if you think you are I would like to remind you of a poll done AFTER an exam at Copenhagen Business School, AFTER people had gotten their grades, so they KNEW how they were doing OBJECTIVELY (well as objectively as possible). I forget the exact numbers - but it was something like 80% thinking they were in the top half, and 50% thinking they were in the top 10%. Of course you might just be clever, so why not risk it. Don't take my word for your mediocrity. Don't trust the numbers. Optimism is after all (in the words of Noam Chomsky) a strategy for a better future)

As luck would have it, friction and the importance of our distribution in the physical world, means even us slowpokes have a shot at being first in getting to a particular point in success space, so there. Everyone gets their space.

Incidentally, what the intellectual property owners would really like is a tax on intellectual friction.

Posted by Claus at November 05, 2002 01:31 AM
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