May 12, 2003
The age of the Primadonna

It's official. We have reentered an age of primadonnas like you thought they didn't exist anymore. Only a few weeks ago Liz Hurley threw a genuine primadonna fit while boarding an airplane. A couple of days ago it was Jack Nicholsons turn to give some unsuspecting referees the star treatment.
The easy acceptance of these events mark the return of a grand age of primadonnas - a time where it pays to shout, scream and be well known. These kinds of temper tantrums are really completely unrelated to the stars and completely related to environment they appear in. Stars are only effective as primadonnas because of the public acceptance that they can and will do anything - which will then later be pardoned by some heroic primadonna performance no one but them could have given us. I think the time is just right for this kind of thing. Insecurity breeds reliance on power and primadonnas are power as mush as the current economic, political and cultural climate is insecure.
That reasoning was supposed to bring you by association to the greatest primadonna of the day: The Bush Administration.
Think about it a second. The reasoning proposed to Europe to back the war on Iraq sadly did not go far beyond a resounding 'DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM ??!??!!' uttered with the greatest conviction by Donald Rumsfeld, but backed by the entire administration. While few tears are lost on Saddam, it will become increasingly clear that Saddam was past being an aggresive military threat. A supplier of mony to terrorists, possibly - but the reasoning for the war still appears shallow. It worked, because power works, and because the rest of the world (or some of it at least) recognizes the pardoning brilliant performance of America as economic engine and by and large preserver of western world order. The bounty offered to those who said yes - was basically a signed photograph of Bush Jr. (the Danish PM collected his personally last week). And of course some bit parts in the next feature.

Posted by Claus at May 12, 2003 12:17 AM
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